How can we improve the reports we prepare for our clients? How to use best practices in visualizing graphs and data tables? International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®), international business communication standards, respond to these issues and can have a positive impact on business.

It is difficult to imagine that each composer, from Mozart to Gershwin, had used a different musical notation. In this case, how could musicians interpret the score in an instantaneous way? Many professions – think, for example, in engineering or architecture – use systems of representation of the standardized data in order to communicate their huge amounts of information quickly and clearly.

However, in business there is a plethora of ways to submit reports and checkpoints, even within the same company. Imagine, instead, that we had a recognized pattern that would allow us to understand the context and business information immediately. This is the IBCS®: better, faster and lower cost results in all stages of the decision-making process by using standards in the reports.

This conference will relate the necessary rules for a clear and faithful business communication.

If you want to assist next 3rd October 2018 at APTTCB headquarters, you can register to assist the event here: