Solutions adopted in this industry.

Reporting + controlling

  • Reports for management committees.
  • Designing budget follow-up systems.
  • Management reports.
  • Application of International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) to reports (HCC-accredited consultants).
  • Training for financial teams in the application of BI: the Zebra BI solution.
  • Budget follow-up.

Taxation + Accounting

  • Strategy retreats.
  • Monitoring the evolution of indicators.
  • Monitoring the evolution of financial statements.
  • Monitoring the evolution of liquid assets and debt.
  • Monitoring sector evolution through benchmarking.

Taxation + Accounting

  • Calculation, preparation and review of periodic and annual returns.
  • Filing information returns.
  • Advice on corporate taxation.
  • Advice on individual taxation.
  • Tax planning in accordance with the Code of Good Tax Practices.
  • Monitoring the development of tax obligations.
  • Advice on international taxation.
  • Services relating to Tax Administration and Inspection proceedings.
  • Monitoring Tax Collection proceedings.
  • Italian desk.
  • SII (support for Immediate Supply of Tax Information).
  • Accounting advice on applying the Spanish Chart of Accounts.
  • Preparing financial accounts (outsourced accounting).
  • Preparing financial statements.
  • Preparing and depositing annual accounts.
  • Accounting/auditing coordination.
  • Designing company accounting plans.


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